Selected Works in Progress

Patent Artificial Slate: composition, history, architectural uses, remaining examples in Great Britain and the West Indies, with editor’s notes on the pamphlets by Sir James Wright, Bt.

The Collections of an eighteenth-century Ambassador to Venice: catalogue written by Sir James Wright, Bt., editor’s notes on provenance, identifications, subsequent history and current ownership of the artworks with detailed discussion of eighteenth century collecting tastes as demonstrated by the catalogue and the Wright/Bute correspondence

Anglo-Scottish influences on the design of Stratford Hall, VA

The Sentry Box, a ‘snugg’ Fredericksburg house – an eighteenth-century homeowner’s ideal dwelling

The import of British eighteenth-century architectural technological innovations into America as exemplified at Monticello, VA, with particular reference to the designs of George Hadfield in England and Ireland

Anglo-American designs for 78 Welbeck Street, London, with subsequent history of the buildings

The impact of Greece on British architectural patrons: letters to a friend written by William Gell while on the grand tour, Vatican Library